Specialized Instruction

Draft Choice prides itself for our ability to teach all aspects of the game of hockey. We have professional teachers who know how to teach. Our instructors train students individually, within small groups, at our own sessions, or with teams, and we believe it is very important to not only interact with the players but to maintain positive relations with parents & coaches so everyone is able to set and accomplish common goals. We are available to help meet the needs of Players, Parents and Coaches.

If you have a need then give us a call so we can help you succeed!

Player and Team Video Analysis for Coaches and Parents

We find that Parents seem to be frustrated with the lack of teaching that takes place with their teams, and often look for advice on how to improve their childs’ knowledge and understanding of the game.
Coaches sometimes just need another point of view, or another set of eyes to help them “TEACH” the steps necessary to gain a better understanding of the game. Often coaches know what they want to see, but struggle with the right progressions to get the team to where they want them to go!

Wayne Gagne of DCH can be that person to help make a difference for your team or child’s hockey understanding. The combination of teaching skills (Teacher/Peel) and Coaching Experience for the past 20 years, (5 All Ontario Championships) have benefitted many teams in getting them to the next level! (Resume on Website)

Using Video Analysis we can work with parents to help teach their child a greater understanding of the game in all areas through our “OPTION SYSTEM!” For Coaches we can analyze your games, comment on team play,and through our conversations with you, design a set of practices to help support, improve, or maintain the teams direction. We then provide those practices to your staff to follow which include simple hockey language the kids can follow.

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Private Lessons

If you are looking to improve your son or daughters skill levels as well as improve their game participation with a professional teacher then you should pursue Private Lessons with DCH. Draft Choice Head Instructors provide one on one attention for immediate technical development. A players’ skill level is analyzed for weaknesses and strengths, game play is observed, and communication with the parents all play a vital role in designing a program that is right for the student so they are successful. Once skills are taught & practiced game concepts are used to reinforce skills training so they are able to make an immediate impact in their games. Draft Choice strives on building confidence in the players.

· Personal Professional Teacher Attention
· On Ice Video Analysis
· Technical focus on Skating, Puckhandling, & Shooting Skills
· Game Specific Training
· Result – Skills Refined
· Greater Game Awareness
· Shooting Accuracy & Power Improved
· Increased Confidence

Please contact the DCH office for any inquiries regarding Professional One on One Instruction.

Small Group

Bring a friend or a few and train together while receiving Professional Teacher Instruction. Our teachers interact with the parents and occasionally coaches to develop a program that meets the needs of all the players. This program includes quick feet, creative puckhandling, and specific game concept drills to have a direct affect on the players and their performance in games. In addition to technical skills development we are able to focus on Body Contact, Specialty Team Situations and Specific Player Position Responsibilities.

· Individual Analysis & Constructive Feedback
· Customized Group Drills Training
· Specialized Game Teaching
· Result – Improved Skills & Conditioning
· Improved “Game Position” Responsibilities
· Greater Game Instincts
· Smile of Confidence Developed

Please contact the DCH office for any inquiries regarding Professional Small Group Instruction.

Team Development

Having Professional Teachers attend your practices creates an atmosphere of teamwork. When we attend practices we train the players and also work with coaches to explain, design, and implement concepts and skills we are teaching. It is important to remember that when we are at your practices we are not there to replace the coaches! We are there to compliment their strengths as coaches. We want to support the common goals of the players, parents, and coaches. Creating & developing attainable goals is achieved by: Improving Individual Skills, Executing Team Strategies & Performing Confidence Building Drills so everyone succeeds.

Please contact the DCH office for any inquiries regarding Team Development.

Team Building

Team harmony is always a concern for coaches especially when players are traveling in for games and practices from all over the GTA. At Draft Choice we have Phys. Ed Teachers who have designed Special Activities for teams to create positive interactions among the players. Draft Choice can attend your practices anytime throughout the year to create a FUN and Positive Learning Experience guaranteed to generate plenty of Smiles!

Please contact the DCH office for more info.

Coach Mentoring

Having your coaching levels doesn’t necessarily prepare you to be the coach you want to be. Coaching a team at any level presents many challenges involving Players, Parents, and Outside Influences. Designing and implementing a practice also takes proper preparation. You can read many drills on the Internet and in books but deciding which ones to use and if they are an appropriate level for your team are not easy decisions at times. At Draft Choice we are able to assist you in maximizing your practice time with the design and implementation of appropriate skills & drills to create an Educational, Rewarding, and Positive Experience for your team.

Please contact the DCH office for more info.



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